LDS Self-Reliance Initiative

​The Lord has commanded us to be self-reliant. The Church has created the Self-Reliance initiative program. This educational program runs 12 weeks on 1 given topic. This is free and open to anyone.
It consists of 4 different topics that can improve a better way of life and help you achieve to become a better self-reliant person and provider. All 4 topic run at the same time and there are 3 different times during the year to take a classes.
The 4 different topics are:    

Starting and Growing a Business
Finding a Better Job
Education for Better Work
Personal Finance


If there were a full economical collapse, how would you survive? Preparation is a must and you need to know what to expect and how to handle situations before they happen. 

Here are some manuals to help.

United State Army Survival Manual

Survival Manuals for Preppers​



During an emergency stores and drug stores would probably be closed. That means you need to have enough medicine to get through the emergency. Having your prescriptions written for a 90 day supply would most likely give you enough to get through an emergency. If this isn't possible, refill your prescriptions a week early.

Leaving Home - Securing the Home

When securing your home make sure all doors and windows are locked. Leave your home like if you were there.

If you are leaving for a long period of time take all your very important items with you.

Having someone check on your home while you are away. That is if they can.

What to shut off before leaving your home.

Water  -  Natural gas  -  Propane  -  Electric

How to winterize your home.

Backup Lighting

Kerosene Lamps        Flashlights        Candles

Generators            Batteries& Bulbs    Matches   

Remember to have enough fuel or supplies to keep these units going.

First Aid

Know what to do if a medical emergency happens.

Red Cross                  Basic First Aid

American Heart           CPR

Boy Scout Handbook   Field Manual

"The Building Blocks to Prepare for the Unexpected"

Important Papers

Wills, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Pass Ports, Bank & Financial Documents, Church Certificates, Social Security Documents and cards, Medical papers, Drivers licenses and other important papers you may have should be kept in a place that you can readily grab them if you have to evacuate your home. 

Bug Out Plan

Where will you retreat? You should have a local place to go and another place possibly out of state.

Plan your trip using back roads. Main roads tend to get backed up.

Prepare for the emergency. Always have a 1/2 tank of gas and have your 72hr kit ready to go.

What to take with you. 72hr kit, money, important papers, meds, pets, food for pets and your weapons.

Communications & Weather Radios

Land-line telephones may not work during an emergency but cells phone might. One problem is that everyone is going to use the cell phones. The best way to use a cell phone during an emergency is to text the person you want to communicate with. Texting only takes a second to send a message where a phone call ties up the line for the full duration of the phone call.

Portable Radios is a great way to have communication between each other.       

AM/FM Radios will keep you informed. The best way to buy them is in a battery powered or crank style.        

Weather Radios with S.A.M.E. S.A.M.E. radios are silent until there is a weather emergency which NOAA weather sets off the radio so you can hear the emergency message.

Mental & Spiritual Readiness

Having the knowledge and understanding to know what to do during an emergency. 

Make a schedule of things to do during the day.

Keeping the kids busy and occupied. Have books, puzzles, games, toys and educational materials for them to do.

Having things to do to keep your mind occupied too. 

Our greatest teacher is Jesus Christ. Communication with him, reading the scriptures, constant prayer and obedience is our greatest tools.



Finance & Money

If everything came to a halt, how would you buy or sell things? Most likely credit and debit cards wouldn't work. Having cash or precious metals may be of great worth. Food and water too.

Many believe that cash may not be worth anything either.


Bug Out Shelter

A bug out shelter is a place you would retreat to other than your own home. The bug out shelter should be out of the danger area.

A bug out shelter can be another location, cabin, building, camper, safety shelter RVs or buses. 

Tumbleweed Homes

Storm Shelters

Tornado Shelters

Container Shelters

Bus conversions

Gathering your Family

Have a gathering spot near your home. Make sure everyone knows where it is. Practice it with your family.

Have a plan on how and where to gather your family together during an emergency when the kids are at school and you are at work.


Cooking & serving Items - You need to store enough extra water to clean cooking items but to cut down on storing water paper use plates and cups and plastic silverware.

Make sure you store toilet paper, Feminine products, toothpaste, and so on.

Personal Hygiene - Create a kit that will take care of all your hygiene needs.

Clothing / Bedding - Make sure you have enough blankets to keep warn if the heat goes off.

Disaster Sanitation & Personal Hygiene

Are You Ready

Preparedness Check Lists

Down load printable forms in the following topics.....

Emergency Plan                              Emergency Kit Check List

Essential Phone Numbers                Fire Escape Plan

Before a Hurricane Check List          During a Hurricane Check List

After a Hurricane Check List             Neighborhood Emergency Plan

Urban Emergency Check List           Emergency Info for Caregivers

Food Storage Menu Planner             What to have in your car

Family Code Word

Come up with a word that all family members can memorize and know that there is an emergency. This word should not be used other than this purpose.

Gather your family members periodically to discuss the family code word.

Backup Heating

Wood Stoves         Coal Stoves          Pellet Stoves

Kerosene Heaters  Propane Heaters   Fireplaces

Toilet Paper Heaters    Candles          Generators 

Remember to have enough fuel or supplies to keep these units going.