with food link

The Lyons Ward has, and still supports, by volunteering to help out at the FOOD LINK drop off spot at the Lyon Community Center once a month.

Those that would like to help out by volunteering need to be at the Lyons Community Center by 4pm on the dates listed below (the 4th Thursday on each month). The food is given out between 5pm and 7pm.

Below are the next FOOD LINK dates. January through June are the only dates available FOOD LINK has scheduled at this time.


                                                 Need Food Assistance?

                                               Check out the

                                                  FOOD LINK Website for

                                                  all drop off  spots near you.


VOLUNTEER DATES     TIME                    PLACE​   

June 28th                        4-7pm                   Lyons Community Center 

July 26th                          4-7pm                   Lyons Community Center

August 23rd                     4-7pm                   Lyons Community Center

September 27th               4-7pm                   Lyons Community Center

October 25th                    4-7pm                   Lyons Community Center

November                 To Be Announced        Lyons Community Center

December                 To Be Announced        Lyons Community Center





Gospel Doctrine        #23

Gospel Principles      #09    

Elders Quorum          "Precious Gifts from God"

Relief Society            "Ministering is Motivated by Christ-like Love"

Gospel Doctrine        #24

Gospel Principles      #10
Elders Quorum          "
Relief Society            "

NOTE:..... Elders Quorum & Relief Society Lessons, for the 2nd & 3rd week, are talks from the April General Conference. These talks are found in the May 2018 issue of the Ensign magazine). 

YM Basketball Game 2/17/2018

"The Building Blocks to Prepare for the Unexpected"

Boy Scouts


Divorce - Abuse - Mental Health - Addiction -  Disabilities & More


                        (Holiness to the Lord)



The Lord has commanded all of us to be self-reliant. The Church has created the Self-Reliance initiative program. This educational program runs 12 weeks on 1 given topic. This is free and open to anyone.

It consists of 4 different topics that can improve a better way of life and help you achieve to become a better self-reliant person and provider. All 4 topics run at the same time and there are 3 different times during the year to take a classes.

The 4 different topics are:    

Starting and Growing a Business

Finding a Better Job

Education for Better Work

Personal Finance

Next Orientation and Registration - Fall of 2018

Ward Bulletins &

Relief Society Newsletters

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JUNE 2018.

June 10

SUNDAY - Seminary Graduation at the Palmyra Stake Center at 6pm.

June 10

SUNDAY - Palmyra and Rochester Stake Single Adult Fireside at the Kreag Road Chapel at 6pm with a pot luck dinner and a special guest speaker Brother Ed Nabrotzky.

June 12


June 19

TUESDAY - YM/YW Farewell Party. 6:30pm. More information to follow.

June 20

WEDNESDAY - Relief Society at the chapel at 6:30pm. "Something Better" (health fair: Zumba & Yoga)


SATURDAY - "Gun Range" (Elders Quorum Activity) More information to follow.

June 26

TUESDAY - No YM/YW. Scouts at 7pm.

June 28

THURSDAY - FOOD LINK is looking for volunteers to help out handing out food at the Lyons Community Center. The food hand out runs from 5pm to 7pm. Volunteers need to be there by 4pm. For more information see Sister Gheri Rouse or Brother Jim Lucia. If you are in need of food, visit the FOOD LINK website link listed in the "Lyons Ward Reminders" section.

June 30

SATURDAY - SA "Strawberry Social" at the Lyons ward chapel from 1:15pm to 11:59pm.

July 3

TUESDAY - YM Activity 6:45pm. Scouts at 7pm.

July 10

TUESDAY - YM Activity 6:45pm. Scouts at 7pm.

July 12-14, 17-21

HILL CUMORAH PAGEANT - Starts at 9:10pm.

July 13

FRIDAY - Regional YSA Dance at the Palmyra Stake Center beginning at 5:30pm to 11pm.

July 14

SATURDAY - "Single Adult Activity". Pot Luck Dinner at the Palmyra Stake Center Pavilion starting at 6pm. Bring a dish to pass. Hamburgs, hots, rolls, plates, silverware and drink will be provided. 

Following the activity there will be a trip to go see the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Please email Sister Ellis with the number of people coming to the picnic. Children are welcomed.

July 17

TUESDAY - YM/YW "Walk to Pageant" Meet at the Grandin Building at 5pm.

July 21

SATURDAY - "Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert" at 10pm. Can be viewed on lds.org, byu.tv, mormonchannel and church satellite systems.

July 23-28

MONDAY through SATURDAY - Stake Scout Camp.

July 24


July 29

SUNDAY - Lyons Ward Conference

July 31

TUESDAY - YM/YW 6:30pm. 

July 31

TUESDAY - YW final camp preparations at the chapel at 6:45pm.

August 7

TUESDAY - YM at 6:45pm. Scouts at 7pm.

August 11

SATURDAY - "Emergency Preparedness" The Lyons Ward Elders Quorum will be having a workshop at the chapel. More information to follow.

August 13-17

MONDAY / FRIDAY - YW Girls Camp at the Seneca Lake Girls Camp.

August 15

WEDNESDAY - Relief Society at the chapel starting at 6:30pm. "Blessings of the Priesthood" (learning new skills: how to change a tire, oil, and etc.)

August 25

SATURDAY - Ward Activity "END OF SUMMER" BBQ at the Seneca Lake Camp from 11am to 2pm. 

August 31 Through September 3

FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY - Tentative Date for a "Single Adult Conference" Planned for 6pm at the Seneca Lake Girls Camp. More updates and information to follow.

September 3

MONDAY - Elders Quorum "Labor Day Cookout". 2pm. Location will be at a members home. More information to follow.

September 4

TUESDAY - No YM/YW or Scouts

September 8

SATURDAY - Stake Youth Activity at the Palmyra Stake Center at 6:30pm.

September 9

SUNDAY - "Worldwide Devotional" at 8pm. Can be viewed on church satellite, lds.org and mormonchannel.org.

September 11

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm. Scouts at 7pm.

September 12

WEDNESDAY - SA "Temple Day" from 8am to 9pm.

September 16

SUNDAY - Stake Youth Standards Night for 12 - 19 held at the Palmyra Stake Center at 6pm.

September 18

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm. (Standards Night)

September 19

WEDNESDAY - Relief Society at the Chapel at 6:30pm. "Guardians of the Health" (Health Fair - RS Conference)

September 25

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm. Scouts at 7pm.

September 30

SUNDAY - Stake Priesthood Meetings

                  6:30pm - High Priest Session

                  7:00pm - General Session

October 2

TUESDAY - YM/YW 6:45pm.

October 6


                      1st Session -  12pm. EST

                      2nd Session -  4pm. EST

                      3rd Session (Priesthood) -  8pm. EST

October 7


                      4th Session - 12pm. EST

                      5th Session - 4pm. EST

October 9

TUESDAY - YM 6:45pm.

                    Scouts at 7pm.

October 10

WEDNESDAY - SA Temple Day. 

October 13

SATURDAY - Elders Quorum "Service Project". More information to follow.

October 14

SUNDAY - SA Committee Planning Meeting at the Palmyra Stake Center at 5pm.

October 16

TUESDAY - YM 6:45pm. No YW.

                    Scouts at 7pm.

October 17

WEDNESDAY - R/S & YW. Relief Society 6:30pm at the chapel. All R/S and YW are invited.

October 19&20

FRIDAY/SATURDAY - Stake YM's Camp out. More information to follow.

October 23

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm.

                    Scouts at 7pm.

October 31

WEDNESDAY - Happy Halloween

November 3

SATURDAY - Stake Youth Activity Multi Stake Event. "Fall Festival" at the Palmyra Stake Center. More information to follow.

November 4


November 5

MONDAY - Elders Quorum Activity "Family Home Evening" at a member's Home. More information to follow.

November 6

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm.

November 13

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm.

November 14

WEDNESDAY - "Temple Day" for Single Adults.

November 20


November 22


November 27

TUESDAY - YM/YW 6:45pm. Scouts at 7pm.

December 1

SATURDAY - Stake Conference - at the Palmyra Stake Center

                      4pm Session - Priesthood Leadership

                      7pm Session - Adult Session

December 2

SUNDAY - Stake Conference - at the Palmyra Stake Center

                      10am Session

December 2

SUNDAY - The First Presidency Christmas Devotional at 8pm.

Can be seen on Church Satellite systems, lds.org, byu.tv, and mormonchannel.

December 4

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm.

December 8

SATURDAY - Stake Youth Activity at the Palmyra Stake Center at 6:30pm.

December 11

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:30pm. Scouts at 7pm.

December 12

WEDNESDAY - Single Adult Monthly Temple day.

December 18

TUESDAY - YM/YW at 6:45pm. 

December 19

WEDNESDAY - Relief Society Activity at the Chapel at 6:30pm.

December 22

SATURDAY - "Lyons Ward Bishops' Storehouse Assignment" at the storehouse starting at 8am.

December 24


December 25


December 31




Nathan Lucia.............United States Air Force

Kyle Williams.............United States Air Force

Adam Lockwood........United States Army

D&C 42:41 “And let all things be done in cleanliness before me”.

We invite the Lord’s spirit into our ward chapel by help keeping it beautiful and clean.

Ward building cleaning assignments begins on Thursday Nights starting at 6:30 pm.

All Families assigned below are asked, by the Bishopric, to report their cleaning efforts to Brother & Sister Sergeant or Brother & Sister Lucia. Please report anything broken or needs repair.

Family Assignments are:​​​​​​​​​​   ​​                 

June 21st            J. Canne             J. Lockwood           R. Lucia

June 28th            D. Brown            Mike Schroeder      Martin Schroeder

July 5th               S. Hunn              M. Williams             J. Wilcox

July 12th              

June 28th


Clerks Office............................................(315) 946-4109 

Hall Phone...............................................(315) 946-9451

YM Cabaret Night 2/16/2018

the Lyons Ward Web-Page

Sacrament Service..............................Sundays - 9:30am
Sunday School..................................Sundays - 10:50am
Priesthood / Relief Society.................Sundays - 11:40am
Young Men / Young Women...............Tuesdays - 6:45pm
Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts....................Tuesdays - 7:00pm

Scripture Study / Tuesdays................Tuesdays - 7:00pm 


D&C 18: 28    "And if they desire to take upon them my name with full purpose of heart, they are called to go into all the world to preach my gospel unto every creature".

Every missionary loves to receive letters. They

would love to hear from you. This website is the

easiest way to send a letter to a Elder or Sister

LDS missionary. Check this website out today.

Serving From the Lyons Ward​​​

Sister Lacey Smith .................... Idaho Nampa Mission

Ward Mission Leader               Ward Missionary Meal Coordinator

Brother Gary Wildey                   Sister April Wilhelm

Ward Missionaries                    Serving in our Ward

Brother John Sergeant                Sister Davies & Henrie 

Sister Dottie Sergeant ​                Sister Canova & Weber & Hunt

                                                    Elder & Sister Tutura

                                                    Elder & Sister Wood

Recent Church Activities/Events


* To Schedule an Appointment to see the Bishop please contact the Executive Secretary, Brother Michael Dorr.

* Temple Interviews with Stake Presidency Member every 3rd Thursday of the month at the Palmyra Stake Center from 7pm to 8pm in the High Counsel Room.

* Sundays - Family History during the second hour held in room #103 with Sister Cahoon. Everyone welcomed.

​* Tuesdays – Ward Scripture Study at the chapel staring at 7 to 8pm in room 102. Open to anyone.

* Tuesdays - Young Single Adults Institute at the Palmyra Stake Building from 7pm to 8:30pm in the High Counsel Room.

* To Schedule an Activity at the Lyons Ward Chapel building contact Brother Ted Gardner.

* Donate Your Pop Bottles to the Scouts. Stop in with your pop bottles and donate them to the Boy Scouts at Home Town Auto Recycling Center in Lyons and Newark. Tell them you would like to donate your bottle returns to the Lyons Ward Scout Troop. 

* FOOD LINK is in Need of Volunteers. If you can help see Sister Rouse for details. Dates for volunteering are located in the "FOOD LINK" section below and in the Lyons Ward Announcement section.

* Feed the Missionaries. Make the commitment and sign up once a month to feed the missionaries. Contact Sister April Wilhelm to sign up.

* Employment Opportunities are posted on the ward bulletin board across from the Young Women's Room. See Brother Keith Baker for more details. 

* For Ward Bulletin Submissions, Ward Web-page Submissions, Baptism Bulletins, Funeral Bulletins or Posters for your Activities, contact Brother Lockwood by email at jackclockwood@yahoo.com or call or text. Inserts welcomed. Deadline is noon Saturday.

Are You Ready

2017 Ward Christmas Party

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the Lyons Ward​ Web-Page

Syracuse LDS Prom 2/10/2018


SEMINARY (for the Lyons Ward)

Stake Seminary Principle - Brother Don Gammon 

Stake Seminary Supervisor - Brother Steve Clark

Stake Seminary Teacher - Sister Beth Robinson (over Lyons Ward)

INSTITUTE - Stake Level (For Young Single Adults and Single Adults)
Stake Institute Principle - Brother Don Gammon
Stake Institute Teachers - Kirt Shilling
                                          Kerri Waddell
                                          Greg Wright    (Single Adults)

Locations:Young Single Adults (YSA)

                    Tuesdays at the Palmyra Stake Center

                    Single Adults (SA).....................

                    Tuesdays at the Palmyra Stake Center




Pathway is an online flexible, inexpensive way to pursue an educational degree.

Pathway is a tri-semester entrance program that opens the door to online BYU courses and on your way to earn a associate's or bachelor's degree.

Start today by visiting the Pathway website and be on your way for a better life.

"Education is not Merely a Good Idea -

it's a Commandment"
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Ensign November 2013 Edition "Two Principles for Any Economy"